Here are a few important pointers to keep your toenails looking in tip top shape:

* try and wear open toed shoes when you have a pedicure and allow the toes to dry thoroughly - at least 2 hours

* change socks or tights daily

* gentle scrubbing the feet daily is recommended to avoid skin conditions such as athlete’s foot

* apply moisturising cream daily to the feet preferably after bathing when the skin is softened

* ensure feet are thoroughly dry after washing, especially between the toes

* apply talcum powder or a special foot powder between the toes to help absorb moisture

* foot sprays containing peppermint or citrus oil to cleanse and refresh are useful to refresh the feet during the day

* go barefoot wherever it is safe and practical to do so

* ensure that footwear fits properly,  Foot problems such as bunions can be aggravated by incorrect footwear

* avoid wearing high heels for long periods of time.  The can cause postural problems and increase hard skin callus formation

* Use a nourishing cuticle oil, just before going to bed aswell, for example CND Solar Oil.   This will nourish the nail bed and cuticle to keep the nail healthy.

* Use acetone-free nail varnish remover, as it is less harsh on the nails.

* Eat a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients essential for good / healthy skin and nails

* Drink plenty of water to keep the skin and nails hydrated.

* Apply strengthening nail products to treat cracking, peeling, splitting and white spots, for example CND RescueRXX

* Smooth rough edges of broken or split nails straight away with a good quality nail file, and always file straight across in one direction

* Buff the nails to a healthy shine regularly to stimulate the blood supply to the nails and encourage nail growth

* Apply a good top coat every 2-3 days to encourage your pedicure to last longer